Prof Ben Hayes

Ben Hayes has started his new appointment as a Professor (Level E) at University of Queensland in March 2016. Ben Hayes received his PhD from Central Queensland University in 2000. He was Research Fellow, University of Melbourne (1999 –  2001); Research Scientist (Quantitative Genetics), Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment (2001 –  2003); Senior Research Scientist (Genetics and Breeding), Akvaforsk, Norway (2003 –  2005); Marie Curie Fellow, University of Palermo, Italy (2006); and Adjunct Associate Professor (Statistical Genomics), Norwegian University of Life Sciences (2007 –  current), Associate Professor, Faculty of Life sciences Latrobe University (2009 - current).

Genomic prediction, of which Ben Hayes was a co-inventor, and first described in the seminal publication [Meuwissen THE, Hayes BJ, Goddard ME (2001) Prediction of total genetic value using genome-wide dense marker maps. Genetics 157, 1819-1829] is now being used very widely in livestock and crops to predict future trait outcomes. The technology is also being used increasingly in human disease research [e.g. Wray, N.R., Yang, J., Hayes, B.J., Price, A.L., Goddard, M.E., Visscher, P.M. (2013) Pitfalls of predicting complex traits from SNPs. Nature Reviews Genetics 14 (7): 507-515]. In dairy cattle, the technology has been actively used by the industry for the past five years, and increases in genetic gain for key economic traits can be demonstrated. Nearly every dairy bull worldwide chosen for widespread use in the industry is now selected on the basis of genomic predictions.

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