Prof Heather Burrow

Heather is a very successful senior executive with a national and international profile gained over a 30-year career managing and leading innovative and globally-relevant beef research programs that have demonstrably value-added the Australian beef industry by more than $2 billion since 1993. A business professional and quantitative geneticist by training, Heather is a highly motivated and innovative leader and manager, with extensive experience leading multidisciplinary, multi-organisational programs and a research initiator of projects that have delivered genetic improvement of beef cattle worldwide. She is also a very effective developer and advocate of new approaches that demonstrate industry impact and value-add of new technologies delivered as an outcome of research. She is probably best recognised for the successful leadership of the Beef CRC, Australia’s largest integrated beef research program comprising research and industry partner organisations throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Korea, UK, France, Brazil and South Africa. The Beef CRC’s research was successfully completed in 2012 and the Beef CRC company was wound up in 2015.

In early 2014, Heather was appointed to the Institute for Rural Futures to assist researchers across various UNE schools and institutes to identify and develop new projects specifically targeting industry outcomes through the Cooperative Research Centres' (CRC) program. She is also responsible for developing and maintaining effective relationships with external agencies such as CRCs, Government departments, funding agencies and other universities to promote, support and develop the University's existing and emerging research capabilities and to ensure compliance with external requirements.

Heather also has an ongoing role as cross-country coordinator of a major ACIAR-funded project in southern Africa which aims to link small-scale farmers to commercial beef value chains in direct collaboration with three supermarket chains. She used that project to leverage the development of a major new Australian – Southern African collaborative genomics research program which commenced in early 2016.

Heather also chairs two international Advisory Boards and is a member of two other Advisory Committees for major multi-organisational, multidisciplinary research programs in the USA and Canada.

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