Dr Anna Campbell

Anna specialises in using commercially focused science and technology to improve agricultural food products.  She has a PhD in plant biotechnology and has worked in science roles in Australia and New Zealand. In her desire to become more commercially focused she joined AbacusBio, a firm which bridges science and business, nine years ago, where she is now the Managing Director.  Anna works on multiple projects within her role at AbacusBio, where latterly she is focussed on developing livestock breeding initiatives in China; she has also played a significant role in developing high-omega lamb products for high-end markets, via animal genetics and diet, with meat export company Alliance Group.

Anna is a strong advocate for scientists working with industry to enhance agricultural productivity, add value to commodity products and find solutions to challenges associated with global food security. In order to do this successfully, scientists need to understand industry and commercial drivers, be willing to ask many questions and change direction when necessary.  She believes the satisfaction of seeing science making a difference in business and agriculture is every bit as rewarding as traditional scientific publication routes and would like to see this as a recognised pathway for young people entering science careers.

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