Dr Yutao Li

Yutao Li received her Bachelor of Agricultural Science (with the major in Animal Husbandry) from Xingjiang Agriculture University (China) and was awarded a PhD in Quantitative Genetics from University of New South Wales in 1995. From 1993-1995, she was a Research Officer with the Western Australian Department of Agriculture, involved in the evaluation of WA Merino sheep breeding programs and identification of coefficient variation (CV) of fibre diameter as an indirect measurement for wool staple strength. From 1995-1999, Yutao was a Quantitative Geneticist in genetic mapping of economically important traits in forestry species at the ForBio Research Ptd Ltd. Since 1999, she joined the CSIRO and became an integral part of the CSIRO Animal Molecular Genetics Team engaging in the development of genetic markers to identify QTLs for carcass and meat quality traits in Beef cattle, and new candidate genes for fleece rot and pigmentation in Australian Merino sheep. From 2001 she became the project leader in Aquaculture Genetics Team that constructed the genetic maps for Black tiger and Kuruma prawn, and developed high throughput microsatellite systems for monitoring genetic diversity and pedigree identification of commercial Black tiger prawn farms in Australia. Since 2009, Yutao has been applying advanced statistic methods to help the project teams across CSIRO Divisions as well as external research partners to analyse complex data to answer biological research questions. Her current research interest is the development and application of machine learning methods to address issues associated with genomic selection and prediction.

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